Bureau of Affiliations and Partnerships


The Bureau of Affiliations and Partnerships was created in 2008. The purpose of the Bureau was to
enable ZAOU establish links with other institutions, such as universities, university colleges and colleges.The link was seen as a way in which mutual collaboration in research can lead to enhancement of
knowledge. Recognition of periods of study and programmes run by the affiliate institution which meet
ZAOU SenateRegulations can lead to awards of the university such as degrees, diplomas and certificates.

Prof. J. Ngwisha, Director BoAP

In order to be considered for affiliation to ZAOU, an institution undergoes a process where it is assessed
and consideration made as to whether it is suitable to run programmes which lead to awards underwritten by ZAOU.

Methods of application
An institution seeking affiliation to ZAOU must:
· Write a letter of intent.
· Send a staff list and their qualifications.
· Send a detailed list of programmes proposed to be affiliated.
· Send a list explaining availability of infrastructure (library, labs, classrooms).
· Submit its student admission requirements.
· List existing buildings, equipment and other infrastructure.
· Indicate whether it possesses the resources and has the capacity to maintain the required standards
· Indicate the availability of teaching resources such as, a library, laboratories, workshops, etc.
· State the recreation facilities available.

Conditions of Affiliation
After receiving and approving the assessment report the Senate shall formally write to the institution
indicating the conditions of affiliation. These conditions of affiliation shall remain in force for the agreed period.
To ensure academic standards and quality, the affiliate institution shall maintain staffing and support
systems which lead to the awards of the university.
Examinations and assessments of the programmes leading to awards of the university shall be conducted
in accordance with the regulations and procedures approved by Senate.
Affiliation status shall be for an agreed period and subject to application for renewal or extension by the
affiliated institution.
Senate shall retain the right to withdraw affiliation (in whole or part) should concerns become apparent
concerning the affiliate institution's discharge of its responsibilities in relation to the agreement.
The affiliation agreement may be voluntarily terminated by either party, provided that an agreed period ofnotice is given.
Senate may impose such other conditions as may be deemed appropriate.

Recognised Programmes
Programmes which are recognized by Senate will be conducted and examined in accordance with the
regulations of Senate
Recognized programmes leading to awards of the University will be conducted and examined by
approved staff.
Candidates admitted to recognized programmes shall have satisfied the University admission regulations.

Fees and Other Payments
Affiliated and associate institutions will be expected to pay the following fees:
· Membership fees.
· Annual Subscription fees.
· Service fees.
· Any other approved fees or payment as deemed necessary and appropriate by the Senate.

Memorandum and Agreement
Affiliation is a process whereby an institution is considered and found suitable to operate programmes
which lead to awards of the university.
The Board of Directors of the Zambian Open University has empowered Senate to enter into affiliation
with appropriate bodies for the purpose of collaboration in the advancement of knowledge.
The Memorandum of Understanding and/or the Agreement sets out the provisions which govern
affiliation in whichever forms it takes. These forms may be included in a separate schedule or in any
correspondence between the parties.
The University retains ultimate responsibility for academic standards of all university awards.

Partnerships Linkages and Affiliations
On 2 November, 2004 the Zambian Open University signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)
with the University of Zambia (UNZA) that established a partnership initially for a period of four years
and renewable for another four years. The MoU allowed ZAOU to utilize UNZA curricula and
participation of UNZA staff in lecturing, marking and supervision of ZAOU students. ZAOU is a memberof the Association of Private Universities in Zambia (APUZ), Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) and the African Council on Distance Education (ACDE).
In early 2005 the University further established special relationships with ten universities that led to
drawing up curriculum and the signing of an agreement for a degree programme with focus on
globalization, literacy and civic education. This became the first M.Ed postgraduate programme at ZAOU. In 2006 ZAOU established relationships with the University of Newcastle in Australia in the provision
of Early Childhood Education.
Over the last four years ZAOU has affiliated a number of colleges that include Northern College in
Kasama, SADTCO in Lusaka, University of Africa also in Lusaka, and Paglory College in Kabwe.
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