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Career Prospects

The major goal of the School of Agriculture is to prepare its graduates to meet the challenges faced in the Agricultural sector and contribute to realizing the full potential of Agriculture in Zambia and beyond. Graduates of the School are in high demand both in public and private sectors including Research, Educational institutions and international organizations. Successful completion of the programmes, graduates can be formally employed or self-employed.School of Agriculture curriculum prepares its graduates for many speciality areas of the broad field of agriculture these include (1) Private Sector – Agronomists, Plant Breeders, Crop Protectionists, Farm Managers, Consultants in various fields of speciality, food processing companies; (2) Public Sector – Researchers (Agronomists, Plant Breeders, Crop Protectionists), Extension workers and officers, Lecturers,  Agricultural Technical officers; Self-Employment – Farmers, Consultants; and Further Studies -higher degree programmes, which provide a basis for research and academic careers.

Degree Programmes on Offer

  •  Bachelor of Science in AgriBusiness Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics
  • Bachelor of Science in Animal Science
  • Bachelor of Science in Plant Science
  • Bachelor of Science in Horticulture
  • Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Extension
  • Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Science With Education


  • Five (5) ‘O’ levels credit of better at
    School Certificate/Grade 12 level or
    the equivalent with relevant subjects
    including English.
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